KALA will become WELL KNOWN in 2019.
This is your 2nd chance if you missed mining the early bitcoin (was very cheap back then).

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Kala is taking the world by storm.
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3 Ways to Mine Kala  (One Sheet Info)    

Start mining your Kala now and thereby be part of a truly decentralized blockchain !

With all the buzz around Kala’s already realized milestones, there’s never been a better time to make Kala. Kala Listings (Peer-to-Peer-trading) was launched January 24, 2019, which means you have the chance now to trade Kala for BTC for the very first time. The purchase of a mining product means you can accumulate Kala and then sell them in the Kala Listings for Bitcoins!


Until March 01, 2019 you can join NUI for FREE and start mining Kala right away.

(The mining process starts within 48 hours after you have ordered your mining contract.) 

Payouts DAILY!


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Create Your Nui-Account (FREE registration until March 1st 2019).
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