With MintageMining you earn bitcoins the 100% passive way:

WITHOUT grey theory!

WITHOUT membership fee !


Without crypto knowhow: Earn BTC and GET PAID every Wednesday.

Every single Wednesday ♦ WITHOUT EXCEPTION ♦ since first payment 11/22/2017.

Nevertheless, the 100% positive results to date naturally do not guarantee that a profit can be achieved each and every single week in the future.
BUT: Up to now, profit has been made EVERY week, 
even when bitcoin lost a lot of value, e.g. in the first months of 2018 !

As said: With the fact that MintageMining uses artificial intelligence, 
you do not bet on ONE horse (e.g. Bitcoin or Litecoin etc.),
but you own a piece of the race track

no matter which horse (which cryptocurrency) is succeeding right now!


MintageMining offers you a unique opportunity to earn money on a regular basis from the CRYPTO WORLD:

As a FREE member you can take part with min $25 and max $300


This way you can familiarize yourself easily with the handling of cryptos AND EARN MONEY at the same time (see examples below). 



What makes MintageMining your ideal partner to get to know the world of crypto currencies with almost zero risk?

  • As already mentioned at the top of the page: MintageMining uses ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to mine more than a dozen crypto currencies, always the one with the best performance at the present time. This produces BEST RESULTS.  
  • The earnings will be credited to your wallet EVERY WEDNESDAY. You can then either withdraw or use some or all of them to purchase additional units, as you wish.
  • MintageMining is also preparing the disclosure of its blockchain: This way YOU can check at any time that your deposited funds for renting units have actually been used for mining these crypto currencies and not for anything else.

►► To register Create Your FREE Account NO fees.  Or read Mintage's BLOG first.
You can then hire mining units ($25 min, $300 max) to earn money
That's all. MintageMining does all the mining stuff for you: CRYPTO MINING MADE EASY.

The only thing you're gonna have to do later on is this: Every Wednesday log in to your back office and decide whether you want to withdraw your earnings of the last 7 days or use them (partially or completely) to rent additional mining units.

How much can I earn with MintageMining?  
3 examples of making money passively, without guarantee but realistic: 

The earnings achieved so far have averaged more than 3% PER WEEK.
For our examples let's take the precaution of an average weekly gain of 2,5%.

Suppose you rent mining units for $25 (which is the minimum).

Your rented units are now mining for 3 years, precisely 156 weeks, and in our examples each unit achieves an average gain of 2,5% EVERY WEEK. 

156 weeks x 2,5% = yield 390% in total:

If you withdraw all your weekly earnings: Your $25 turns into $97.50. 

If you use all of your weekly earnings to rent additional units, after 3 years (156 weeks) a total of 1125 units will mine for you, with a weekly yield of 29 dollars. Your total return until then (still assuming 2,5% return per week): $1,129, all this by renting ONE TIME mining units for $25

IF you use ALL OF YOUR WEEKLY EARNINGS to rent additional units:
Your $25 turns into $1,129.
 (You decide weekly, how much you want to withdraw.)  

This example is the same as above, but instead of renting mining units for $25, you start with ONE TIME $1000. Additional mining units are rented just from your weekly earnings (no other purchases!): After 3 years (156 weeks) a total of 45,918 units will mine for you, with a WEEKLY yield of 1,147.95 dollars. Your total return during these 156 weeks is $46'066.68 (remember: you rented ONCE mining units for $1,000!)

If you use JUST YOUR WEEKLY EARNINGS to rent additional units 
(NO other purchases!): Your $1000 turns into $46,066.68.

Quite great, isn't it?  So LET'S DO IT:

►► To register Create Your FREE Account NO fees.  Or read Mintage's BLOG first.

PS: If you have reached the FREE member limit of 300 units or do not want this limit, you can upgrade at any time in your backoffice: for instance to ELITE-member ($125.- per year, you can rent unlimited units). 

By the way: For ELITE members there is a "Fast Track Bonus": If you convince 3 more people of MintageMining until the end of the following month after your own upgrade to ELITE member, YOU WILL GET YOUR PAID FEE OF $125 BACK

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