KALA will become WELL KNOWN in 2020.
This is your 2nd chance if you missed mining the early bitcoin (was very cheap back then).

And it's REALLY never been easier to do it:
 Join NUI as a customer FOR FREE !
 Mine your Kala in a 100% passive way !
 Payouts of your Kala DAILY !



Kala is taking the world by storm.
Do you have yours?



3 Ways to Mine Kala  (One Sheet Info)    

Start mining your Kala now and thereby be part of a truly decentralized blockchain !

These are your options to mine Kala:

Choose how many Kala you want to earn
depending on which contract you want to buy:

There are 4 options to choose from in the Gigahash section:

 The $50 contract generates approx.* 1000 Kala per month.
That means about 12,000 Kala per year. Hosting fee: $15/p.m.

 The $100 contract generates approx.* 2000 Kala per month.
Per year thus approx. 24,000 Kala. Hosting fee: $30/p.m.

 The $500 contract generates approx.* 10'000 Kala per month.
Per year thus approx. 120,000 Kala. Hosting fee: ONLY $42/p.m.

 The $1000 contract generates approx.* 20'000 Kala per month.
Per year thus approx. 240,000 Kala. Hosting fee: ONLY $57/p.m.

There is also a 4-TH mining contract (TH=Terahash).

This includes a WHOLE 4-TH-RIG: ( 1 TH = 1000 GH )

 The 4-TH contract (costs $4000)
generates approx.* 84,000 Kala per month. 

Per year about 1,000,000 Kala. 
Hosting fee: $115/p.m. 

By the way:
Should you ever want to stop being part of the blockchain and earn Kala: This is possible at any time: Just stop paying your monthly hosting fee. (PS: You can reactivate your contract at any time within 60 days but by paying the hosting fee.)
Further steps are not necessary.

Read all about these mining products in this one-sheet PDF: 
3 Ways to Mine Kala  (One Sheet Info)  

* Why approx? Basically, the same amount of Kala is mined in the Blockchain every day. However, as more and more members join the Kala BC network, the number of Kala allocated daily to each miner gradually and completely decreases. After a total of 16 years, ALL Kala will be mined (see the whitepaper on kalacoin.io).



As CUSTOMER you can join NUI for FREE and start mining Kala right away.

(The mining process starts within 48 hours after you have ordered your mining contract.) 

Payouts DAILY!

► To register: 
Create Your Nui-Account (FREE registration as CUSTOMER).
CURRENTLY, only people from these 10 countries can register:

United States (US)  United Kingdom (GB) • Australia  Canada  Columbia  Costa Rica  Japan  Mexico  New Zealand  Spain



Are you a networker?
Then I got a SPECIAL OFFER for you, from me personally
(out of MY OWN pocket - this is not a promotion by Nui):

In order to build a team and earn commissions with Nui, you need to change your status from customer to member.
The membership fee at Nui is $50 per year AND CAN ONLY BE PAID WITH KALA.

And this is how you take advantage of my offer: 

(only valid for $100-GH-contract and higher)
1. Register with Nui as a CUSTOMER using the link above.

2. Buy a $100-GH-contract (or higher).
(Your purchase will be displayed in my Nui back office.)
I will GIFT and transfer the necessary Kala (as I said out of my own stock of Kala) to your Kala Wallet so that you can pay your Nui member fee of $50 with this welcome present.
PS: This gives you another advantage:
As a Nui member with a running $100-GH-contract, Nui waives your FUTURE annual membership fees, as long as your $100-GH-contract is running



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